Our Hawaiian Koa series began in 1995 with one model, the humble soprano. Alvin hand crafted them one at a time and even made his own labels out of wood. While our ukulele have been through a series of improvements, they still ring with the same signature KoAloha sound. As a tone wood, koa produces a nice harmony of warmth and brightness.

The tonal balance of these instruments is a fit for all types of music. From finger picking to strumming, from classical to jazz, the Hawaiian Koa series will play and sound great. All of our koa instruments are produced in our factory in Kaka’ako.


A satin finish lends itself to a subtle elegant beauty and we decided that it was time to elevate the pikake beyond a basic stock model. With the addition of an ebony head stock veneer and classic crown fret board, the Royal Pikake have become a premium offering in our lineup.

The Royal Pikake series replaces the Pikake series and will be the standard satin finished option from KoAloha.


When people think of Hawaii, images of island scenery, hula dancers, and tropical fruits come to mind. While they are not native to Hawaii, Hawaii mangos are a prized commodity to both locals are visitors alike. People with fruiting trees share with friends and neighbors, exemplifying our local culture. Mango wood is naturally a creamy off white color, but the sugars in the tree sometimes cause spots of yellow, pink, or black.

Like the fruit tastes, mango ukulele sound bold and sweet. Since it’s not a native tree, there are no mango forests and the lumber is only available when a tree needs to be trimmed or cut down. All of our Mango series instruments are produced in our factory in Kaka’ako.


Our Opio series instruments are built to the same specs as our koa and mango series, using asian acacia, rather than koa. While they are similar, koa is Hawaii’s native acacia, found nowhere else in the world. Different types of acacia have tonal differences and the asian acacia that the Opio are built from tends to be more dense than most koa. This gives the Opio ukulele a deeper tone, when compared against one of our koa models.

While the difference is subtle, most players with a little bit of experience will feel and hear the difference. Aside from the nuances in tone, the Opio ring with the same KoAloha voice and volume at a much more affordable price range. They are great instruments for both beginners and experienced players alike.


The KoAlana Series instruments are KoAloha’s entry level ukulele, built to our custom specifications in Indonesia. We searched for years to find a factory with good moral values and consistent quality control. KoAlana instruments are built from laminated trembesi, a sustainable Indonesian hardwood. They have great playability and tone and are the right price point for beginners or even experienced players looking for a “take anywhere” ukulele.